My Relationship with online marketing

At first  I promoted  to all my family and friends both on and offline 


Here is what happened

  • A sister in-law who only managed to find family and friends who wanted to add to her order but did not want to make a monthly commitment even though they thought and I quote  “the products are great!!!.”
  • My Mom joined and she got a coworker to join only to ,unfortunately, pass away a few months later.
  • Went door to door with flyers promoting free information meetings at the local library discussing how easy it would be to join/buy/save and make money and only got a couple of unemployed prospects looking to make a quick buck.
  • I went to my local newspaper and put in an ad to work-at-home and left my contact information for people to call.The only prospects who called…… had no interest in making any kind of commitment up front financially and most were broke and hard up for cash and wanted a quick buck without the need to invest upfront in anyway shape or form.

Deciding to try and expand

I went to local businesses and asked the managers if it was okay that the cashiers put fliers in the customers bags That included advertisement for their business and surrounding businesses as well as mine,only to find out..

upon going back that the flyers were either under a counter display or had been disposed of within the same day of double checking on their distribution. So…

After that I found a different approach I Was then  able to put flyers in the windows of stores ( I figured this was better exposure) only to find out upon follow up that they had been taken down within that same week.

So  Then I  decided to change things up a bit.Offline to the online approach 

  • Went to a free leads site only to have prospects not answer or hang up on me and the vast majority of e-mails that I had received through this service turned out to be invalid..
  • Was given a short URL to be promoted for Free through a service at certain times on my social media profiles   🙁 due to the constant promotion of the my link people got irritated with me and either unfriended or stopped following me (and took time out to message me and complain, as this is called spamming and is not allowed which I was not aware of at the time)
  • Put up a free page on Facebeook and got no more likes than those of family and friends even after having paid to have it advertised.  (although at the time I did not TARGET MY AUDIENCE)
  • Paid $300 dollars for a site. Went through the training required on how to promote my site using Key Words and  HTMLs But I  did not commit the proper time needed for this research.
  • Went  through how  to get free advertisement on my website only to get discouraged that no traffic was being drawn to my website….The people of whom I decided to exchange links with ended up having broken links within a few weeks of exchanging links. ( I was completely unaware of how to truly do decent back-linking at the time.)


 My experience should not reflect badly on these instruments for success.

You have to get to know networking as a tool for continued success in your business.

Although my experience did not turn out as I planned I do not blame the options that I chose. You really have to have patience and understanding the online-marketing world in order to truly understand how the process works.

It can be frustrating but Patience pays off.

If I were you I would (from my experience) get the online experience needed. I posted a few articles on and got feedback on what is acceptable for posting online. This is a free membership site.  I found it very helpful.

But …In the end there is a difference between a j-o-b and being your own boss. Working from home you get to be just  that your own boss!!

 What People don’t realize is that there is always an upfront cost for a job to begin with. I mean do we not use our gas money to get to our job? Yes. you could pay, 20 dollars per week in gas just to earn you wages, right?

Guess what? you just invested in you. Your wages are your profit. 

Do we not buy things that are specifically required for a job like work boots or uniforms? Yes, Yes we do.

But,,, when they think online advertising they automatically think SCAM, Which is not the case AT ALL. 

FRequently ASked QuestIoNs  FAQS

#1. What should I look for when investing?

Money back guarantees

A Platform that will help you Learn what you need to know. The how to’s of getting into what you want to do which is work from home.

#2. Why should I have to pay money to make money?

If you are willing to invest upfront you are showing that you are willing to learn and earn. It shows that you are not just looking for a quick buck or to get rich quick.

With the right avenue you get back what you invested and keep earning more and more.

Have you ever gone your first week of working without pay? Have you ever paid for a class?

#3 What is worth investing in?

You!!  How? You already know a lot of stuff. You have life experience.

Are you a parent?  A pet owner? Do you like to take pictures? Make things?

There is a difference between working from home and a job. Yes, you still have to invest but you are investing in you, not someone else or there company. You make back your investment and then some in more ways than you could working outside the home.

You have to make them see the bigger picture. You have to make them understand the value of your knowledge and not just the want but the actual need that would benefit them.

You absolutely can work from home now!! In this day and age it is actually becoming more and more popular do so.

👌 SOme People Who Are Making Me realize What Is Important inMy Life are those who Span 🕙 from the first 🕙 of my life to now.It has been a good one despite the trials and tribulations 🔆

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Learn how to promote yourself and the rest will fall into place.

Research the companies that you are thinking about working from home for. Find the company that you were introduced to and got to the reviews for it.

I would recommend it has real reviews from current and former employees of companies.

DO NOT Take into consideration reviews from people who in the end only want you to join with them or buy there product. that is not a real review. Most likely, they themselves have not actually been with that company or used that product


I learned something that helped me understand what people are looking for as far as articles and blogs to get there word out there about what it is that I know, how to promote me so people would buy my product. You can find what it is you want to talk about and get paid to do so. Gain experience in what it is that people are looking for now a days on the internet.

Something I’ve personally invested in that is cheap, easy, taught me how to gain the experience I need to get started writing online and learning what is out there is this . 


Hope this helps!! I have been there.