So Second job interview and can’t make it because of a snow storm.  Wish I had a pair of UGGS then!!

Had a ride offered. Didn’t think it looked good being driven to an interview.

Upon calling to reschedule was told that another candidate was chosen for the position.

A few days later an email was received confirming the call about going with another candidate

. A link is given to possibly reapply for the position.

Position is not posted on job search site.

A week later same position is posted on job search site.

Still three weeks later same position is posted.

An email being sent to human resources department asking if it would be a waste of time to simply reapply for the position goes unanswered.

Should one just simply reapply? In hopes that the application doesn’t just get ignored?

Now a days online applications can take anywhere from a Half an hour to an Hour to fill out.

What is with these #assessmenttests that you have to fill out after the application.

Here is a little tip. Don’t be indecisive.

Assessment tests ask you the same questions reworded.

Either strongly agree or strongly disagree<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

On top of needing to make up a #Resume and upload that after having filled out the #application.

I can’t tell you how many #interviews I went to and didn’t even need a copy of my Resume.

Most #TempingAgencies are all online nowadays too.

It is pointless to even go to the Agency in person.

When you go  there they help you on the computer.

When you get there you have to fill out an application and upload your resume.

One temping agency had me answer questions that made me laugh.

“how would your react if>…” Funny situations.

I had one agency tell me that they don’t have openings in my area.

After I found a job opportunity listed on a job site when I put my zip code.

This was an agency  I had worked for before too. After several interviews of which I had to look up the directions too and then do a dry run before that were over an hour away from where I lived.  Finally…

I got a job and was told by the Operations Manager that they were going to give me a raise  and take me on fulltime.

It never happened. They ended up “downsizing” supposedly.

But the fact of the matter is I forwarded a voicemail to the Operations Manager.

It was from the Doctor who’s account I was handling that wanted to take me out to lunch.

So one day, I get home to a voicemail that I don’t have to report the following morning. Unannounced to me

I didn’t know that I could collect  ounemployment from the unemployment agency because….

They were responsible for finding me another job.

I was sent on a ton of interviews. Interviews with groups of people and it was intimidating.

I then finally searched local joblistings and found a posting that had me send my Resume to a local P.O. Box and I got a first and second interview.

When one door closes anothe r one opens

When door closes a window opens? No.

It was with a Chiropractic office.

When asked if I had ever been to a  Chiropractor I answered “Not me personally” and the doctor was impressed with how I answered.

They actual let me take my daughter to work with me when I didn’t have a sitter.

They were very excepting of my situation and became like family themselves over the years.

All other employers seem to have ….

All there job posting set up through sites that you have to register at first. Set up an #onlineaccount with them and then you have to log into that site just to fill out an application. Then you Upload your resume and wait..  NO way to call to see if the position is still available.

You can email but  hardly ever actually get a response.

Then you are subjected to a survey of questions that don’t seem to have to really do with the job you applied for. You cannot seem to contact this employer personally you have to go through this third party platform.

Certainly wish I had know about a great affiliate marketing program.

What is affiliate Marketing you ask?

Getting paid to work from home. No need to make and promote your own products.

Plenty of other companies will pay to promote them!!

Struggling trying to get a work at home job. I paid thousands to learn Medical billing only to find that most Doctors offices do their billing in house or outsource to big companies. If they are affiliated with a Hospital the Hospital  does the billing themselves. Pretty hard to branch out on your own. Only to find out that these facilities hire people who didn’t even pay for the training like you did.

I even paid for the software only to find out that the software that I had was to be upgraded constantly. Working for a doctor’s office I found out that the doctor’s of  private practices want to keep costs down.  So they pay there secretaries to do the billing for them.

Trying to avoid working full-time only to have to turn my paycheck over to a daycare. I looked and looked. Wanted so bad to be able to work from home. To save on daycare and travel.

It wasn’t until years later that I realized the Internet community had evolved. That there are many platforms out there to actually be able to work from Home.

Working from home is plausible now a days!!

You actually join for free!! Promote for free!! And get paid just for putting the word out there about companies!!