Single Mom here, worked out of the home for three different jobs at one point.

Wanted to work from home. So i took a Medical Billing course that costs thousands of dollars upfront with the promise (based on the advertising) to be able to work from the comfort of my own  home.

Only to find all local doctors offices. outsourced there billing to third party billing companies.

I also got scammed by “Free” work at home jobs. Thought i could just go to a platform provided and click on links and earn some money (.10$) per click.

Then I realized in the end it was just an e-mailing scam. They wanted me to refer a ton of people to their site in order to retrieve this money that I supposedly Earned

With the promise that I could also earn a percentage of what my referrals earned.

In the end after some research I found that I was scammed into getting others to give their e-mail addresses so that they could be sold.

False advertisement isn’t when its not free, it’s when you learn nothing! 

I found out that if they are willing to take the time to teach you and they are asking for money to help you  learn and this is also helping them pay for the advertising …

Then they are not scamming you.  Instead of paying a big PR firm or advertising agency they are simply asking that you show you are serious about what they have to offer then it is not an actual scam.

A low cost start up fee that you can earn right back as soon as you put their tools into action and then keep earning is how it’s done on the internet nowadays.

What I found out was  that FREE is a scam!!!!

Check out what I found out.