Application, Resume, Interview

So I just noticed that a job that I applied and interviewed for is re posted as having two positions available

The posting was recently updated but when I go on that companies’ website and sign in it states that I am still “under consideration” for that particular job opening.

Upon reading forums I see that it is the hiring managers responsibility to go back through and change the status to “No Longer Under Consideration”

The Hiring Manager has to go back through and do this for all the perspective employees whose applications they acknowledged.

Sometimes they don’t do this for all of them as there can be hundreds at a time.

They have to acknowledge them electronically every time someone applies

Once the position is filled or you are no longer considered for it they don’t go back through each and every applicant to acknowledge that you either didn’t qualify or you did qualify but someone just happened to have more experience than you.

The daunting task of reapplying and calling

You have to Keep applying.

Also, if the company website states that you are still under consideration, CALL THEM if it has been over a week since you interviewed.

When you initially apply sometimes a company will send you an e-mail acknowledging that they received your application and or Resume.

In this e-mail they will state that they will review the information given and if you have the skill set that they are looking for someone will contact you.

After receiving this e-mail it is good to call in a couple of days to let them know you are still available and interested if the position is still open.

You may receive a follow up e-mail within two days to two weeks letting you know that you are no longer considered for the position but it is best not to wait for that follow up e-mail.

Good Paying Jobs all depend on your Cost of Living and your potential dependents.

A good paying job could be minimum wage if your Cost of Living is not too expensive and you don’t have any dependents.

Because your basic needs of Shelter, Food and Clothing can be sustained plus you have spending money.

If you reap the rewards of your efforts by gaining self respect from just the fact that you are working and your job does give you a good, natural, totally worth it “Happiness”

Then that is what a Good Paying job is. It’s knowing that you are doing the best that you can in the situation that you are in and making ends meet.

What it all boils down to is that “Good Paying” doesn’t relate to a dollar amount.

Pictures say a thousand words. Get Paid to take pictures!!

It all comes back to reaping the rewards of your efforts.

If you have ‘Spending money’ or not it pays to put forth the effort to earn a paycheck and be of assistance financially however you can to yourself as well as others.

If you are doing what you love it’s not considered work. Its not considered a Job.

Doing what you love makes your daily earnings worth every minute. You get to spend your days knowing you are doing more than just “earning your pennies” as they say.

Monetary Value is defined in numbers.     Take the Work out of working.

Whether you might believe it or not as long as Money is not your only goal in getting, maintaining or changing jobs

Then you won’t take a -j-o-b which  you will  hate,

For example; A Job where you work hours that make you tired all the time.

If you do not like your job, it’s hours, its’ location anything that may put a vast amount of stress on you this  makes others feel your pain. as well.

One way to avoid this is writing about  what you know and love  and getting paid to share your experiences. 

Now, You can change avenues and work from home. Be Your Own Boss.  But you have to realize that you are substituting the money you would put into work supplies, gas, tolls and what you would have paid for interview clothes for yourself.

You absolutely have to spend money to make money. Even wages. You need transportation to to get there which costs money. Most jobs require a specific attire.  So Please don’t think that investing in yourself isn’t worth it.

You take all that money from making up resumes, to interview clothes, gas money, work clothes and decide to spend on you, The BoSS!!  Go For it!!

Make your Own hours. As long as you are willing to learn instead of going through a two week to four week training period going a week without pay .  Paying for gas and clean clothes to get back and forth even though they hold back a paycheck.

Wouldn’t your rather take all that time and effort and put it in to you?. So that you can make your own hours. Get more back in return than the wages you would earn?

Do you know what ROI is? Well, if you work for yourself you sure will. You will realize it is the best that you can do for yourself and your dependents.

ROI is Return on Investment. Now, ask yourself what would you rather invest in you or your gas tank?

Invest your time and save your money

Did you know that you can borrow against your paypal account? You can apply for credit and paypal will give you 60 days to pay them back. That is a great way to start if you need some upfront money.

I once took out a small personal loan through my local bank, I gave the name of the company that I owed money to and they sent the loan money to that account. They paid it off and the payments for the loan were less than what I owed monthly for that particular account.

It not only helped me get out of debt but I also was able to build up my credit.

My local Credit Union was very helpful with  a loan to help with car repairs. This built up my credit and I was able to obtain a credit line that once paid off, reestablished itself for my use. My local bank also offered a revolving credit line with a card. I used the loan to pay off the loan and increased my credit score.

Please don’t be afraid to take the leap!! I did and am I so glad that I did. It was so worth it.

Forget needing that second job earning wages in order to make ends meet.

Be independent.  Stand on your own. You can’t always depend on that second income coming from someone else.  Be Your own BoSS. Make your own hours.

Rather than  the stress of interviewing, being new at a job and going a week without a paycheck I found it is a lot easier to learn and earn write from the comfort of my own home!

I also found out that there are easy ways to take pictures and get paid for them. 

It is the simple things in life that matter. It is easier than you think to work from home and be your own boss!!