Did you know that UGGS were originally worn by surfers?NO STRINGS ATTACHED~~~!!!!

Having bought a pair of winter boots that were so uncomfortable and only kept my feet dry and not warm or comfortable.  I am glad I found UGGS.

They are so soft. And they are winter boots for men, women, and children!! 

Worn originally as slippers they became a fashion trend in the 1900s for warmth and comfort. 

Now in the 2000s they are worldwide trend. 

Originating in Australia and New Zealand they became a Unisex sheepskin footwear internationally. Due  to the warmth they provide they were named after a utilitarian character. Meaning they are full of character, quality and spirit. 

IT’s like having the comfort on your feet that your hand has when it pets a cat. 

IT’s that time of year. Get your feet comfy and warm on your way to and from work as well as in the house. The most comfortable shoes for warmth. 

ARe you looking for the next UGG

No More tying your winter boots!!! Eventually your boots will show signs of wear and tear. Use a damp sponge to  clean the outside of the boots.

Use cold clean water and diluted conditioner. Do NOt apply directly to the boot. Apply diluted water and conditioner to a sponge. 

Gently brush the boot the damp sponge or even a cloth.

 Always avoid sun exposure when drying. Let dry in a well ventilated area for up to 24 hours. It is not suggested to machine was and dry.

Please do not dry clean. 

You can keep boots odor free with Baking soda. Apply a layer of it gingerly and let sit overnight. 

Elongate the life of your boots by keeping them as clean as you can. 

Here is a tip. You can lightly stuff the boots with paper while they dry to help keep the shape. In the City or the country these are socially exceptionable. 

You can also lightly brush the boots in the direction of the sheepskin hair on the boot,once dry to keep the their utilitarian character. Which means you will keep them full of their character, quality and spirit.

Very easy and inexpensive to upkeep.

A Money back guarantee. They totally pay for themselves over the years and winters that they last.

Great to shovel in while they snuggle your feet they take out the painfulness of the activity.

Now you don’t have to shop separately for each member of the family when it comes to winter boots. You can get winter boots for all in one spot. The have such ease you can even wear them all year round.

That nasty  rain whether, where you now have to have a separate pair of shoes to wear outside to the car and then  again into your work environment only to have to switch shoes once you to the job.

Now you do not have to have a to separate the two. Simply buy a pair of UGGS.

They keep your feet warm and you can wear them inside or outside.

Do you have to shop separately for the kids and then yourself when it comes to winter belongings? Wouldn’t you like to be able to shop in one place for all your winter footwear needs?

I have been that person who had to carry my “inside” shoes for the office in a plastic bag because I  did not want them to get ruined by the wet of the rain and snow. Had to walk in the office and act like Mr. Rogers doing a shoe change at  both the beginning and the end of my shift.

Then of course I had to worry about foot odor. So I had to deodorize both pair of shoes.

But Hey guess what? Casual Friday is here! Monday through Friday. Classy and up to date boots make for good office attire as well as if you work in a warehouse they are acceptable as proper work wear.

You need comfortable clothes to wear at work so that you can concentrate on your job. Feeling fashionably acceptable as well as being comfortable.

Also Uggs are socially acceptable for interviewing for a job.

Ever wanted  a slipper you can wear outside no matter the weather? How about checking out UGGs? They have very comfortable slips that you can wear out to go get the paper or even your mail.

Numerous people wear there pajamas outside. They go their local store to grab a last minute household item needed or even to go out and get gas.

What about a great last minute Christmas gift? Want something that the receiver will get lots of use out of and that they can also share with their family?

Teaching your kids to tie their own shoes can be difficult.

Using a very comfortable shoe to do so will be of great value. Buy them a pair of UGGS  

The comfort of the shoe and the Character of the shoe will give them a great incentive to learn how to.  Nowadays kids can watch videos on the internet that teach them how. But don’t you wan to have that as a memorable moment life to remember?

 I will never forget the day my daughter threw a fit in not knowing how to get herself out of her snow suite.  She had such a fit. Once she calmed down she figured out how to get herself out of it. Once out of her snow suit. She then move to unstrap and unlace her snow boots.

She was so proud of herself for figuring out how to do it on her own. Proud moment.

These were Knee High winter boots.  Once she grew old enough to be the same size of me she loved trying on and using my shoes. She never did like my winter boots. AS they required lacing and wrapping around in order to wear.

It wasn’t until the winter I bought UGG Boots  

That she said to me “Mom, you can wear my boots to go shovel” and they were so comfortable and warm. Easy to wear.

Even when she outgrew them she did not want a different pair. Her Grandmother bought her another pair of Winter Boots

And she loved them so much that she didn’t want to give them up even when she turned of age and moved out her first concern was that she got to keep these boots.

When I was  a kid. My Mom always said “I will buy you an expensive pair of shoes when you stop growing” Good for her.   A lesson learned and one that I bestowed upon my daughter.

UGGs last many winters and are even worth donating when they have been outgrown.

Worth every penny!!